Three takeaways from my application support days…

When I graduated from university and started working in my new job, my first role was to work in application support. Most of my friends were working in application enhancement development or new application development and I was a little envious at first, but as time went by I came to appreciate the application support role.

The defence line of your organisation”

I worked in application support for one year and during that one year, I learnt a lot that helped shape my tester career:

  • Priority Management

Working in application support, you needed to learn how to manage priorities to ensure we were always working on the most important issues. If you weren’t managing priorities accordingly, then the users would become unhappy as their issues weren’t being attended to on a timely basis.

  • Stress levels

Working in application support can be very stressful but you needed to realise very quickly that you cannot be running around like a headless chicken. You needed to be methodical and calm headed to ensure you resolving the users’ issues quickly and effectively.

  • Domain knowledge

In that one year, I gained a lot of domain knowledge about the inner workings of the application that we were supporting so that when I moved off the support team to the enhancement development team, I had acquired sufficient knowledge of the applications that I was going to be testing.

Looking back at that first year in application support there were many highs and lows, however the experience was invaluable and help partly shape the tester that I am today.